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An Overview of the Toyota Rumion

The Rumion is an all-new multi-purpose vehicle joining the Toyota family in 2022. The Rumion is affordable, spacious and fuel-efficient. This makes it the perfect entry-level vehicle for families or adventurers. Of course, the MPV offers three different grades, that move from standard to luxurious. This vehicle may be large, but it is easy to drive and surprisingly light on fuel. The ideal vehicle for roundtrips and weekend getaways.

There are 5 models on offer in the Rumion range. The base model, the 1.5 S manual vehicle sets the scene for the range. Even the base model comes with an array of features and capabilities. The mid-level model, the 1.5 Sx model comes in both manual and automatic transmission. Finally, the deluxe model, the 1.5 Tx (AT or MT) is at the top of the Rumion range.

If you’re looking for a more classic model with basic features, or an elevated MPV – there is a Rumion model for you! More importantly, the Rumion is equipped with extensive safety features. This allows the driver to have more control while on the road and have intervention protocol to minimise injuries. So whether you’re on the road with family, friends or prized possessions – you can travel with peace of mind.

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Toyota Rumion Price

There are 5 different models to choose from when looking for a Toyota Rumion for sale. If you’re looking for an introduction to an MPV car, we can recommend starting with the entry model. However, if you’re sure that a multi-purpose vehicle is the car you want, the deluxe Tx model will be a good fit. The Rumion has incredible value for money, with competitive price points in this vehicle type’s market. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and see exactly how much you’ll pay for a Toyota Rumion for sale.

Vehicle Specification Price (Once-off)
Toyota Rumion 1.5 S (manual) From R 258 000
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Sx (manual) From R287 400
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Sx (automatic) From R303 900
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx (manual) From R316 800
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx (automatic) From R333 200

Toyota RUMION GX-R & VX Parked On the grass

If you’d like to experience the Toyota Rumion yourself, you can book a test drive online. Our team at CFAO Toyota are committed to helping you find the vehicle of your dreams. Be sure to find your nearest CFAO Toyota Dealer today to discover the world of Toyota!

Price Per Month Breakdown

If you are interested in a Toyota Rumion but would prefer to pay monthly, CFAO Toyota has a plan for you!

You can get the entire Rumion range with a monthly payment plan – with only a 10% deposit. The amount can be paid over 4 years with an interest rate of 10.50%. The monthly payment starts from only R5414 per month for the 1.5 S MT model.

Vehicle Specification Price (Once-off)
Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT From R5414 pm
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Sx MT R6031 pm
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Sx AT R6377 pm
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx MT R6648 pm
Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx AT R6992 pm

Did you know that we also offer genuine Toyota parts and Toyota approved services? Working with a dealership that has been approved by their umbrella brand ensures that your vehicle is getting the highest quality treatment. If you’d like to know more, you can visit our website on the parts and services pages. Even better – we offer regular service specials. This helps you to keep your car running smoothly, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

CFAO Toyota also helps to provide you with additional services on financial assistance. We help you to connect with relevant finance officials. This is done by contacting banks and finances on your behalf. If you’d like to learn more about this unique service please visit our vehicle finance page.

Toyota Rumion interior close up of cockpit


How much is a Toyota Rumion?

  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 S MT - From R258 000
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 Sx AT - From R303 900
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx MT - From R316 800
  • Toyota Rumion 1.5 Tx AT - From R333 200

Is the Toyota Rumion a 7-seater?

Yes, the Toyota Rumion is equipped with 7 seats in three rows. The second row of seats are 60/40 split-folding seats allowing the user to fold down the full seat, 60% of the seat or 40% of the rear seat. This allows for more space for adventure and versatile driving.

Is the Rumion replacing the Avanza?

According to News24, the all-new Rumion is replacing the Avanza in the Toyota family. The vehicle comes as one of the new Toyota-Suzuki alliances. If you would like to read the full article, you can check out the News24 blog post on the Toyota Rumion.

gold Toyota Rumion parked outside of suburban home with luggage

Buy a Toyota RUMION

If you’ve looked over the prices, and feel that the Toyota Rumion is the right vehicle for you – we can help you make your dreams come true! We have the whole Toyota range for sale, so we will have a Toyota Rumion for sale just for you.

CFAO Toyota is a verified Toyota Vehicle dealership that stocks the newest models in South Africa. Our dealership also offers vehicle financing to help you find your perfect Toyota.

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