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View our Youtube video below to obtain a neat overview of the new Toyota C-HR’s exquisite styling:

Overview Of The Toyota C-HR Range

Side view of Toyota__C-HR

There is something almost joyous about the new Toyota C-HR. The styling is not only distinct and bold, one senses that the brand Toyota had fun with its paint and easel this time around. It is a creative playground that is littered with beautiful tech and innovation and still manages to be priced fairly.

The unique design is difficult to ignore, with sharp lines that instantly ensure that your vehicle stands out. Furthermore, this new Toyota C-HR is also available in a variety of colours, with new LED headlamps to add to the overall aesthetic.

The interior of this new range is a blend of style, safety features, and technology. The recognizable infotainment system allows occupants to connect their smart devices to the vehicle. There is also a variety of interior colours available, with the Luxury models clad in an Orchid Brown, immediately elevating the range into a luxury sphere.

There are also plenty of convenience factors such as adaptive cruise control and the vehicle Push Start button. This new range also sips frugally on fuel and is powered by a 1.2l turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Experience this new range yourself by finding an approved CFAO Toyota Dealership near you. Book a test drive while you’re there! Toyota has also priced the new C-HR fairly, especially considering the number of specifications that the new range comes equipped with. Let’s have a look at the pricing and financing options more closely.

Toyota C-HR Pricing Options

View of Toyota__C-HR

The new Toyota C-HR is available in 4 different variants. Have a look at the pricing below:

Toyota C-HR Model: Pricelist:
New Toyota C-HR 1.2T R429 000
New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus R465 200
New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT R479 100
New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT R554 500

Toyota C-HR Financing Options

View of Toyota__C-HR

A very basic finance structure has been utilized for consumers to obtain an estimate for how much the new Toyota C-HR will cost. Let’s go through the new models below

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T

View of Toyota__C-HR

At the beginning of our range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T. This model comes equipped with 85kW of power and should cost the consumer R9 002 per month with our structure.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R429 000 10% 48 months 10.50% R9 002

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus

View of Toyota__C-HR

The second model in our range is the new Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus. This model comes standard with 185Nm of torque and should cost the consumer R9 762 per month

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R465 200 10% 48 months 10.50% R9 762

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT

View of Toyota__C-HR

Near the top of the range is the new Toyota C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT. This 5-seater will cost the consumer R10 054 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R479 100 10% 48 months 10.50% R10 054

New Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT

View of Toyota__C-HR

The last model in the new range is the Toyota C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT. This model will cost the consumer R11 636 per month.

Cash Price: Deposit: Term: Interest Rate: Installment:
R554 500 10% 48 months 10.50% R11 636

The figures contained herein are estimates that have been calculated with a basic structure. Any change in these variables will result in a change in the installment amount. If you require additional financial advice and you are in the market to purchase a new Toyota C-HR, our finance department would be more than happy to assist you here.

Toyota C-HR FAQs

Can the Toyota C-HR be classified as a normal car or is it an SUV?

The Toyota C-HR can be classified as a subcompact crossover SUV.

What is the cost of the latest Toyota C-HR?

The price of the Toyota C-HR is dependent on the choice of the variant. Prices range from between R424 800 to R549 000.

How reliable is the new Toyota C-HR?

Based on the reputable J.D Power, the Toyota C-HR has a reliability score of 80 out of 100.

Is the new range of Toyota C-HRs available in an automatic transmission?

Indeed it is. The new range contains options of either manual or CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission).

Is the Toyota C-HR an acronym for anything?

The term “C-HR” means “Compact High Rider” or “Cross Hatch Run-about”.

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Compact In Size, Compact In Price

The space inhabited by subcompact crossover SUVs is an interesting one. The vehicles at once play with being as functional and spacious as traditional SUVs but are dressed up with exquisite tech. Toyota has understood the assignment with the launch of the new C-HR. It is a uniquely styled crossover SUV and has been kitted out with the latest extras available on the market. It has also been priced just right, especially considering its capabilities. By comparison, contemporaries such as the top-of-the-range Kia Sportage retail at close to R700k. The Mazda CX-30 starts at close to R500k - allowing the consumer to comprehend how reasonably priced the model is. The new Toyota C-HR may be compact, but it is just as compact in price.

View of Toyota__C-HR

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